New for 2012

Flat pack Dog Cart

This will be based on the model below and made to


Made of Ash with minimal modern fixings.

As these will be hand finished, no two will be the same.


And my version...

Collapsible Banquet Table

I was recently asked about a flat pack table that didn't have trestles but remained authentic.

After some research I have come up with a sturdy design that is quickly assembled but packs

away into a space less than six inch's high.

The dimensions are 6' 6" long by 3' 2" wide but can be made to suit your needs.

Below the components dismantled.

The base assembled and the underside of the top.

Close up of the leg joints.

And the finished and stained table.

Please contact me for further details.


Two polished brass plate mirrors.

Knock down bench



4ft long and 18ins high.